GamingSoft Launches New Aggregator Product ‘Connect Plus’

Connect Plus opens up the possibility to maximize your online casino operation with minimal effort needed, thanks to the new Super Lobby, outperforming backend system, and features that empower you to expand your business more effectively.

Super Lobby

One of the most significant features, the Super Lobby, catches your player at first sight with personalized homepage product displays, leveraging multiple algorithms and diverse category classification. Players can even bookmark their favorites manually for a more personalized and engaging betting experience, bringing more opportunities for providers to be seen.

Effortless Management: 

Managing thousands of casino games and players is effortless with Connect Plus. It offers comprehensive dashboards where you can effortlessly oversee every aspect, from system management to agent operations, top-ups, product settings, game history, smart reporting, and financial transactions. Connect Plus also distinguishes between master backend and agent-owned backend, enhancing security measures. Additionally, it supports an unlimited tiered commission structure for agents, providing easy control over all pertinent information.

Additional Features Include:

  • Multilingual and Multi Currency Design: Connect Plus offers a multilingual and multi currency design for global accessibility and convenience.
  • Buying and Selling Credits: Operators can pre-purchase credits, with the agent’s profile automatically deducted. Credits can be replenished for losses, and excess credits can be withdrawn by contacting the finance department.
  • Missed Bet Compensation Mechanism: The system proactively retrieves bet slips every 15 minutes, cross-referencing them with provided bet slips. Any missing bet slips are recorded, ensuring transactional transparency and accuracy.

GamingSoft offers one of the largest Game Aggregators in the market. Our portfolio brings together more than 200 of the best casino game vendors with over 8,000 mobile-friendly and multilingual games, available via one API integration. The GamingSoft Game Aggregator team is ready to consult and assist operators with any issues related to casino gaming content.

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