Seize the Catch of a Lifetime with CATCHING

Welcome to the thrilling world of Catching, GamingSoft’s latest iGaming crash game provider that promises a gaming adventure like no other. With a focus on fairness, fabulous features, and endless fun, Catching is set to redefine your online casino experience.

FAIR, FABULOUS, and Addictively FUN!

Fair: Unparalleled Transparency and Innovation

  • Provably Fair technology: At the heart of Catching’s fairness lies the innovative Provably Fair technology. After each game, players can enter a specially generated code using blockchain technology to verify the random outcome. This transparency ensures an authentic and fair gaming experience.
  • Hashing:Catching utilizes hashing, a cryptographic technique, to guarantee that the generated results are 100% random and fair. Your players can trust that the odds are in their favor in every game.

Fabulous: Elevate the Gaming Journey with Eye-Catching Features

  • Catching’s Auto Bet and Auto Cash-Out: Reduce operational costs while elevating player experience with Catching’s Auto Bet and Auto Cash-Out features. In Auto mode, players customize bet settings and configure post-round betting behavior. The Auto Cash-Out function allows players to pre-set cash-out odds, empowering them to manage risk levels per bet efficiently.r z
  • Fast Bet Mode: Engage players with the Fast Bet feature, enabling them to place bets rapidly in every round, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Betting Leaderboard: Promote social interaction and excitement with the Betting Leaderboard, where players can see how much others are betting and winning. This feature adds a new layer of thrill to the gameplay.

Fun: Interactive Communication and Engaging Gameplay

  • In-Game Chat: Catching introduces in-game chat as a tool for creating a vibrant gaming community. It serves as a new layer of communication and marketing medium for iGaming platforms, fostering a sense of community among loyal players.
  • Interactive Communication: Let your players speak to each other, enriching the online gaming experience and fostering a strong sense of community.

Game Sneak Peek: A Trio of Thrilling Adventures

Crash Galaxy

Embark on an odyssey of odds-based thrills in this innovative mini-game. Dive into the universe of Crash Galaxy for a swift journey to massive excitement.

Soccer Mania:

Experience card gaming like never before with Soccer Mania. Elevate the thrill of card gaming to new heights in this enhanced version.


Immerse yourself in addictive gameplay with continuous combo action and elevated multipliers. Enjoy a 75% chance of hitting combos in every round, with the flexibility to cash out at your convenience.

The Best Choice for Your iGaming Business

Catching is more than just a game provider; it’s a revolution in iGaming. Offering fairness, fabulous features, and endless fun, Catching ensures your online casino stays ahead of the trends. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your gaming platform. Contact our sales team at [email protected] for more details and make Catching the choice for a thrilling iGaming experience!