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What is Responsible Gambling?

Gambling should be treated as a fun pastime, and not as a mean to generate income. Addictive gambling can have a negative impact on the player and those around. As a casino operator, why should you be concerned about responsible gambling?

1. Protection of vulnerable gamblers

Some players can become addicted to casino games or sports betting, and their normal life can soon be affected by spending too much time and money. Operators can assist players enjoy responsible gaming sessions by implementing self-exclusion programs and limiting the amount/time players can spend on gambling sites.

2. Prevention of underage gambling

Operators absolutely need to have means in place to discourage real money gambling by individuals under the legal age (18 or 21). These methods include a clear registration process and means of verification. At the same time, parents are advised to prevent children from accessing related websites by installing parental control applications.

3. Security measures against criminal activities

Gambling sites involve money transactions and therefore never missed as target from cybercrime. To stop this growing tendency, operators are requested to insert procedures and software programs that detect and block money laundering activities and hacking devices.

4. Information privacy

Information privacy is closely related to cybercrime, and by introducing several strong policies to control access to important personal data, including players’ names, location and phone numbers can effectively prevent data leak that leads to players’ losses.

5. Online payment protection

Gaming operators need to ensure that players access reliable online casino platforms to protect their personal financial information. By choosing the appropriate payment gateway and risk management solution, players can safely deposit, transfer and withdraw money.

6. Create a secure online environment

Operators need to ensure that their websites are secure, that players can place bets without any concerns, and all payment and technical processes flow smoothly.

7. Ethical and responsible marketing

Operators should not target underage or vulnerable gamblers when marketing, and always get your players notified before using their data for direct marketing.

8. Fair gaming experience

Game suppliers should ensure that products are embedded into a complete management system that provide a safe and fair gaming experience.

As an online casino operator, profit comes first for sure. However, it doesn’t mean that our revenue will decrease of being a responsible operator. If we can keep players visiting our gaming sites for a long time without getting their everyday life affected, they are able to bring long-term and stable income, on the other hand avoiding unnecessary disputes and increasing our reputation in the industry, making a win-win situation.

If you want to start your own online casino business and learn more about how to be a responsible operator, please email us at [email protected] to have a chat with our professional team!