Why Are Casino Bonuses Important?

Q1. Why is there a bonus?

Many casinos today have the a-like games, nice game interface, and similar marketing campaigns. With the gap between online casinos getting smaller and smaller, the best way is to start giving players what they want the most — bonus.

Q2. What are the main types of bonuses?

  • Sign up bonus (and free spins): Sign-up bonuses can attract players to sign up and, most importantly, accept your casino policies and share their personal details. Players can try your online casino with minimum lost on initial bonuses or free spins in exchange for valuable data.
  • Deposit bonus: Encouraging players to deposit their own money to place bets is one of the most aggressive promotions by casinos as this can effectively increase revenue, and deposit bonuses are usually given out in a specific % of the deposit amount or a certain number of free spins.
  • Re-Login bonus: If players haven’t been to your online casino for a while, a re-login bonus is a great way to entice them to come back. In order to allow players to make decisions faster, re-login bonuses are usually time-limited.
  • Cashback/Loss Free Spins: If you’re planning on building long-term relationships with players, consider players who weren’t lucky enough that day. Offering a fixed percentage of cashback or free spins when players lose too much will effectively prevent players from leaving your online casino in a negative mood.

Q3. How much bonus does the casino need to prepare?

When your online casino is just launched and craving for more popularity, a larger percentage of GGR for bonus may be needed until the operation get in track. Since then, It is best to keep 20-30% of GGR for effective marketing result.

Q4.  Is it impossible to make a profit if the casino keeps sending out bonuses?

Operators will often place additional requirements before allowing any cash outs, such as whether the bonus is cashable/non-cashable, tied to a specific game, or having a limit on the maximum wagered amount, etc. In order to clear up possible misunderstandings and keep everyone satisfied, all wagering requirements must be clearly delivered to players to avoid any misunderstanding.

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