What is A Casino Game Aggregator?

Casino Game Aggregator provides a one-stop software solution that makes it easier to launch online casinos by integrating different games from different game developers into one product through a single application programming interface (API).

What are the advantages of using a game aggregator?

1. Diverse Game Choices

Game aggregators have partnerships with popular game providers on the market, and continue to expand their products to cater players from different regions. As result, you will have more than a thousand games to choose from to update your casino consistently.

2. Lower Barriers to Entry

If operators individually contract with different game providers, they may need to invest a lot of time, manpower and technology. Through specialized single API integration technology, online casinos can be operated faster, easier and more efficiently.

3. Cost-effective

Aggregators work with dozens of game providers at a time. Facing greater competition, aggregators have the opportunity to negotiate lower rates with game providers and offset expensive licensing fees from big-name studios. Even though gaming aggregators charge markups in their monthly fees, casino operators still end up with more attractive prices than working with gaming providers directly.

4. Access to the Latest Game Content

Since game aggregators can profit from operators adding new games, they will be more aggressive in expanding their game data base, attracting operators to add more games to their online casinos. Operators can experiment and see which games are more popular with players and figure out the best match.

5. 24/7 Technical Support

Game Aggregation Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide operators with a single entry point to fully resolve all issues related to game content. Through the professional technical team behind the game aggregator, the online casino operator can continuously obtain the best solution at every step of the integration, thus simplifying the management of resources and stakeholders. The aggregator team will examine game provider logs, submit queries to game providers, and maintain all the technical nuances that come with each game provider.

6. Rich Marketing Campaigns

Game providers have been vying for a prominent position in online casinos to attract more players. This is why aggregator clients receive multiple promotions from suppliers. Casino operator promotions can include tournaments with prize pools funded by game studios multiple times a month, and more. As a single entry point with all promotion information, Game Aggregator notifies operators of new offers from game providers, helping them navigate and choose the best promotions.

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