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How’s the Cost for Casino Software?

A successful online casino requires great casino software. But how much you need to pay to own an online casino?

If you have an unlimited budget, you can definitely build a perfect one, but practically you have to make a trade-off between cost and quality to have a better chance of surviving in this high-risk industry.

To filter out potential providers, market research and comparisons are a must. Although there are abundant resources on the Internet, why not contact the sales team of these companies directly for industrial insights and details that not included in the brochure.

How to Evaluate Casino Software Providers?

Here are some factors that help filter out good online casino software providers:

  • Game: The number of games and their quality are the same important as the possibility to add new titles. The more games you have, the more diverse they are, the more players can be interested.
  • Backoffice Settings: Intuitive and customizable back office settings allow you to do more with less in casino management and focus on expanding your business.
  • Software: A qualified casino software should have all bugs cleared, get regular updates, and cross device supported.
  • Safety: A good security system must prevent leak of players’ personal information, detect cheating, and never be hacked.
  • Payment Gateway: A complete online casino solution should have a built-in payment gateway, and support for cryptocurrencies is also a trend.
  • Affiliate: One of the main tasks of casino operators is to promote business development, if the software includes an affiliate program, you will have the opportunity to achieve multiple wins through strategic alliances.
  • Bonus and Loyalty System: As an important tool for player retention, a ready-made bonus and loyalty system allows you to access many promotions and bonuses.
  • Stats and Data: Numbers speak for themselves, including player betting history, wagers, wins and losses, and financial statistics such as payouts and collections, all of which can help you make better managing decisions.
  • Notification System: A complete distribution network makes it easy to notify players of new games and promotions.

Online Casino Software Prices

Through solutions such as white label casinos or application programming interfaces (APIs), you can set up an online casino in the most economical way. Usually, the development team can directly provide dedicated package solve quandary. The fee at this stage is around $20,000, and the price fluctuates depending on the size of your casino, customization, and the market.

Congratulations, you’re all set, next comes the recurring costs of keeping the casino running. The sum of these monthly expenses may exceed the cost of setting up your casino, including:

  • Game expansion and system updates
  • Licensing fee
  • Salary
  • Marketing promotion (extremely important especially at your early stage)

If you are considering opening an online casino, we can help you decide if you need a White Label or API Solution. For more details, welcome to contact our professional sales team [email protected]  to help figure out the best solution for you.

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