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White Label is an effective solution for starting an online casino from scratch. It is a widely used industry practice and a popular alternative to a standalone casino business. What exactly stands behind the notion and what advantages does the White Label offer?

White Label is an effective solution for starting your  online casino business from scratch. This is a widely used industry practice and a popular alternative to standalone casino operations.

White Label Casino: Fast, Safe and Hassle-Free

After purchasing a white label solution, business owners have quick access to a unique, ready-to-run online casino. The website is designed according to the operator’s individual requirements, uses proprietary identification such as brand names and logos, and is located on a separate domain.

From a player’s perspective, it looks like a completely separate product and experience. And since all payments are handled by white-label casino providers, there is greater confidentiality (especially important for casino owners operating in countries where online gambling is illegal).

Aside from the faster time to market, a significant advantage of white label casinos to mention is the affordability in setting pricing. Entry fees are much lower than what you would be dealing with at an standalone casino. And because you have enough time to focus on marketing, the more possibilities you can make profit from you online casino in a short period.

Responsibility for You and Your White Label Solution Provider

What You (as An Online Casino Operator) to do:

• Daily casino management

• Marketing and Player Acquisition

• Player retention, promotional strategies and loyalty programs

• Provide frontline support for players

What White Label Solution Providers can help?

• Provide software platform and games

• Provide technical support

• Website development and hosting

• Payment gateway

White Label Casino VS Standalone Casino

However, there are some negative aspects of white label casinos to consider when choosing which way to go. While offering lower setup prices, white label casino providers typically charge higher revenue share fees to cover their technical support and maintenance costs.

So, you really need to focus on promotion and have an effective marketing strategy to attract players and be able to pay the monthly fee. Additionally, with a white label casino, you have a lower level of control over casino operations and limited scope for customization, but also lower risk as well.

White Label A Better Way To Start Your iGaming Business

If you’re interested to step into iGaming industry,  you may wish to consult a reputable and large-scale industry player like GamingSoft, which leads the Asian gaming industry. Our huge professional team can tailor your betting platform according to your needs. Through complete technical support and a wide-range of partners, you help to grab the opportunity and stand out globally. Contact us via  [email protected] now to find out how GamingSoft Global – White Label  simplify your iGaming business development and operation.

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