How to Start Your Own Sportsbook Business?

The FIFA World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world, with an estimated global betting volume of $30 billion. The tournament is held every four years and features 32 national teams from around the world.

If you have some money in hand and interested into setting up your own sportsbooks business, will it be possible to make it happen in 100 days before the tournament starts on 21 November 2022? 

YES! You can go for White Label Casino solution!

White Label Casino Solution

The White Label Casino solution is the most affordable and most comprehensive business solution for those who want to get their online casino ready in a very short time. 

It allows you to purchase a ready-made gambling platform, integrate it into your website, install game content and connect a payment system. The platform is fully ready to launch. All you have to do is to blend in your preferred visuals and design, put on your brand logo and you’re all set to go!

Typically, buying a white label casino comes with professional technical support, the ability to replenish and update game software on a regular basis, and support players 24/7.

The Best White Label Casino Solution Provider

As a leading brand in the Asian market, GamingSoft has over 15 years of experience and a professional team in the industry. We can tailor high-quality platforms according to different markets with the GamingSoft Global White Label Solution

In addition to providing customized website design, Intelligent reports, flexible tournament system, hybrid affiliate system, and robust marketing toolkit, our  White Label Solution also connect with the most popular sportsbooks software providers including WBet, SBOBET, BTI, BBIN, SABA Sports, and more, that makes your online casino stands out from others!

With wide range of selection from mainstream sports and events such as football, basketball and tennis, to niche events such as Muay Thai and cockfighting, even emerging e-sports and fantasy sports events, your casino can be more targeting and unique.

GamingSoft Global White Label Solution

The White Label Solution provides an efficient, highly profitable and easy-to-setup casino option for all owners willing to invest in and profit from the future of iGaming. Contact us [email protected] now for a quote and explore the endless possibilities of online casinos with GamingSoft Global White Label Solutions!