5 Tips to Increase Online Casino Player Loyalty

The number of online casinos and gaming companies has increased rapidly with the outbreak. Driven by a more competing industry than before, online casino operators should be more focusing on converting newcomers into loyal players, which motivates them to visit your online casino more often.

Here are the 5 tips to increase your online casino players’ loyalty.

1. Demo version

The demo version has become a must-have tool for online casinos. The demo game is played with virtual money instead of the player’s real money, and neither the winner nor the bet is real – it’s the best experience for players who are new to online casino exploration.

Almost every online casino offers a demo version, but that doesn’t mean it’s an outdated or unimportant feature, because no amount of text can tell you how great your casino is. Also, players must be eager to try their luck in real once they won in demo game.

2. Quick registration

Players’ patience is limited, especially after they have faster internet speeds and better device to access to online casinos. There is no easier way to churn players than delaying their entry into your online casino.

Of course, we need more personal information for a more targeted and effective marketing campaign, but why not let conversion comes first, then personal information. You can let your players complete the registration with less than 3 columns filled, and sure you have chances to collect the rest in the days to come.

3. Game Diversity

We understand that loyal players usually have 1 or 2 favourite games that bring them luck, but for newcomers, they are more willing to explore your online casino with more selection, especially those tailored for specific regions to fulfil certain interests. And for sure, you can avoid your players staying away from boredom.

You should pay attention to the sorting of games in your casino as well. By categorizing and displaying your online casino games according to interest of players from different regions, or even specifically creates one for them, you may see the difference just in a short while.

4. Cross-Device Support

Although we are in the era where mobile comes first, you shouldn’t ignore some players still stick to the desktop website that provides more immersive betting experience. Offering multi-platform version support means operators can reach the most players without restricting their choice of devices.

5. Be a Responsible Casino Operator

While we hope players can invest more money in our online casinos, we also have a responsibility to prevent players from gambling addiction, because if players’ life severely by gambling, they might not be able to continue visiting our online casino in the future, and we will feel bad for causing this situation for sure.

These tips are simple but crucial, thus difficult to follow through practically. You need a professional team, right software providers, and deep connection with players. If you’re interested to step into iGaming industry,  you may wish to consult a reputable and large-scale industry player like GamingSoft, which leads the Asian gaming industry.

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