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What Is ‘White Label’? Is It Best For Your Business?

As an iGaming operator, do you want to know how to expand your game library and offer more services without building everything from scratch? How to expand to a new market without spending too heavily? Or in simpler words, how to expand your business and meet your customers’ needs efficiently?

Regardless of your goal, whether to build a new iGaming platform or expand your product portfolio, you can use a white label casino software solution to effectively grow your business. 

Let’s take a look at what ‘white label’ is and how you can utilize it to grow your brand.

What is an iGaming White Label Solution?

White label solutions are common in many industries, they help to simplify and shorten the time for business operation and development processes. In general, white Label solutions are a well-known form of cooperation that provides a business with a set of services, such as website development, iGaming products, payment gateways, affiliate and marketing supports, technical supports, and more. 

White label solutions include basically everything you need to launch or expand your iGaming platforms. Hence, it is a perfect alternative for those who want to roll out a new platform within a short timeframe and at comparably affordable costs.

Now, let’s have a deeper insight into why white label solutions are best for your business. 

Key Advantages of the White Label Software Solution 

1. Quick Start

In most cases, launching an iGaming platform from scratch can take years. However, it can be built in a matter of weeks with the assistance of white label iGaming suppliers.  A white-label solution provider will offer you a powerful platform, feature-rich software,  fully functioning products, and other services and supports that can all be tailored according to your business preference. 

2. Quality Product   

An iGaming software provider understands the need of creating high-quality software that provides numerous benefits to its clients. Furthermore, the company ensures the software is extensively tested for accessibility, security, compatibility, and other factors. By the time you integrate the software, it is guaranteed the finest quality. Furthermore, the company will upgrade the software on a regular basis to ensure a smooth and improved user experience.

3. Cost-Effective & Low-Risk Solution 

Developing an iGaming platform and software from scratch might expose you to several risks. Even if the self-developed products get ready, by that time your budget might be blown. White-label software solutions, on the other hand, provide high-quality results at an affordable price. You won’t have to worry about design or coding issues with this solution. You only have to focus on launching and growing the platform. If you have a technical problem with the software, the white label company or its team will fix it.

4. Reliable iGaming Payment Gateway Integration 

When you are looking for iGaming white-label solutions, you can be worry-free about payment gateway integration. This is because any reputable white-label solutions provider ensures that reliable payment gateways are included within the product. You get online casino software with powerful payment gateways like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, FPX, DuitNow, and more. Also, many developers have started incorporating cryptocurrency payment methods for faster and more secure payment on online casino platforms. 


A white label not only simplifies your journey but offers excellent returns for your investment. However, you need to choose the software provider wisely. With GamingSoft, you can kick off or expand your business with GamingSoft Global — iGaming White Label Solution and GamingSoft Connect — Casino Game Integration Solution in the Asian market quickly and smoothly! 

Talk to our expert consultants today and find out how we can help you launch your iGaming venture!

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