Prevent Your Online Casino Players from Leaving!

Every new online casino needs to find ways to attract new players. However, that is just the very first step of the business. The key to longevity is turning the new players into loyal players and preventing them from leaving the platform! 

So, do you know what you should do to keep your online casinos and sportsbook players coming back once the honeymoon phase of free spins and welcome bonuses is over?

In this article, we have included some of the most effective player retention ideas used by the iGaming industry. 

1. Portfolio Diversification

Every player has their own taste. Hence, it is always recommended to diversify your gaming portfolio to entice and engage with more players. For example, some players might just want to spend their time on slots, some would like to showcase their skills in fishing games, and some would just prefer to have real-time interaction with the dealers in the live casino table games. The more games you offer, the more entertainment values you can provide to your players and keep them happy. 

Besides, players can be attracted to a variety of themes too. You may try to explore this by offering more themes in your slots library. For instance, Norse, Egyptian and Chinese mythology, classic fruit slots, and TV and film franchises are all very popular. Offering a mix of themes will help ensure players can always find something to their liking.

To do this, you can always find a reliable API aggregator to enhance and expand your game library.

2. Tournaments

Tournaments could bring a more competitive element for your players. Players earn points by hitting the slots over a defined period of time, and their losses contribute to the jackpot. As an operator, you may run tournaments and select which of your games to feature.

Proper promotion is an important aspect of organizing or participating in a tournament that many operators overlook. Don’t just join up for a developer-run tournament and hope for the best; promote it aggressively, with a banner at the top of your home page.

3. Bonuses

Although bonuses are typically used to get new players to sign up and make their initial deposit, they may also be utilized to retain players by extending their time on the site and reactivating churned users.

Massive sporting events such Fifa World Cup result in a massive increase in betting for any sportsbook platform, even the most casual fans are more inclined to place their bet. To attract players during high betting periods, online sportsbooks frequently provide special bonuses such as matching player deposits or doubling player wagers.

Then, some platforms may provide different promotions based on the day of the week. For example, if an online casino detects a drop in activity on Mondays, they may give free spins or other bonuses to help players cope with the start of the workweek.

Bonuses can also be utilized to reactivate players who have left your platform. If a player has been inactive for a long time, sending them a special offer of a deposit bonus may be just what they need to return.

4. VIP and Loyalty programs

VIP and loyalty programs offer rewards for long-term players. The platform becomes more valuable to them as they spend more time and money on it. Rewards that grow in value over time are a powerful and effective strategy for player retention; promising players a brighter future is a terrific method to entice them to stay.

These programs are divided into tiers. Players receive bigger incentives and increasingly customized services at each level of the hierarchy. To begin, online casinos will frequently have a distinct customer service department for their loyalty program; at some of the highest levels, VIPs might have their own personal VIP manager too.

VIP classification is based on deposit size. Players climb up the VIP ladder as their monthly deposits increase, obtaining better prizes and more personalized service.

Final Thoughts 

Player retention is a crucial element of long-term online casino success. Is your platform well developed to ace the game? We can make it right for you! Take a look into our services — GamingSoft Global – iGaming White Label Solution and GamingSoft Connect – Casino Game Integration Solution as we can provide you with the right tools, products, and services to enhance your platform quickly and smoothly!

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