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The Right Way to Promote Your iGaming Business via Email Marketing

For many years, email marketing has been one of the most efficient digital marketing techniques for businesses. The ability to establish communication between the customer and the direct business, in this case, the online casino and related services, is the main value of email marketing. Customers can be both potential and existing customers, allowing you to widen your target audience and exposure. Email marketing has the effect of attracting, retaining, and returning traffic. And if clients are attracted or remain loyal, they generate revenue.

The difference between email marketing and spam and regular newsletters

Spam is an unsolicited email sent to purchased customer lists. In this circumstance, no one is accountable for the target audience’s interests. In most circumstances, spam, like overly aggressive advertising, elicits an adverse reaction from users. In the case of email marketing, you send consented-to offers to your consumer base. In other words, if your consumer has indicated a desire to receive a newsletter with current news and offers, it is marketing; if it is delivered to random people without their permission, it is spam.

It is a mistake to think of email marketing solely as a newsletter. Sending emails is one of many email marketing tools, which also include news, commercial offers, welcome emails, and triggers. A well-designed strategy includes a number of tools that operate in sync to deliver the best results.

Which email strategy is right for your iGaming Business?

To start successful email marketing, getting permission from the user is important. You may do it with the following options:

  • The newsletter is an obligatory component in the user agreement upon registering, i.e. by default;
  • In the user agreement, the user has a choice: either tick the box and accept to the newsletter or not.

A compulsory newsletter has one disadvantage: it can appear intrusive, thus the content and amount of emails must be carefully calculated. You can still attract a user who has chosen to opt-out of your online casino mailing list. To do this, you may send them a welcome letter that not only confirms registration on the gaming platform but also invites them to sign up for the newsletter. Make the user feel devoted to the portal by mentioning promotions, bonuses, and other incentives. This increases the likelihood of a favorable reconsideration.

The information your letters should convey:

  • Welcome email 

This is also the welcome email when you sign up and the subscription notification. It is opened 4-5 times more frequently than all other emails, thus it should be informational, appealing, readable, and not overloaded.

  • Informational letter

A letter that contains critical information such as website changes, rules, and upgrades. For example, informing the customers that you have updated the game library with the latest games or an upcoming tournament will be pleasant and beneficial to both you and your customers.

  • Short news 

Consider sending out some short news once a week or a month, showing the customer the platform’s accomplishments over this long period. For example, how many new games you have, how many new payment systems are connected, what records the players have established, and how much money has been won. Numbers instill confidence and demonstrate that your gaming platform is constantly improving. 

  • Trigger and transactions 

You may remind your customers that they have money left in their game balance (trigger) and notify them of the transaction. This makes gamblers feel secure: they like it when their financial transactions can be recorded via email.

  • Direct communication 

This is a customized message to your user. It should be brief and not overly detailed as you are addressing the user directly. You may congratulate them on a big win, their birthday (if it’s listed on their profile), or any other special occasion. Thank them for their loyalty and recommend one of your products. This will help retain the user and encourage further engagement.


Performing the right email marketing strategies will help you increase your reach and audience in a super cost-effective manner. To spice up your iGaming business, visit GamingSoft Global – iGaming White Label Solution and GamingSoft Connect – Casino Game Integration Solution where we can provide you with the right tools, products, and services for your every need.

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