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How to Promote Your Sportsbook Brand on Social Media

Online sportsbook is a highly competitive, multibillion-dollar industry where every brand battles to market its way to the top. It might be challenging to know where to begin marketing your brand on social media in such a competitive environment. We’ve kept it simple and highlighted some of the greatest tips for doing so!

1. Follow a Sports Events Content Calendar

It goes without saying that proper preparation produces the best results and is the key to success. This is also relevant for content creation. It’s critical to create a content calendar that follows any sporting events you wish to highlight. This will help with the structure and organization of your social media postings, allowing you to stay ahead of the game and not worry about what to publish on a given day.

Furthermore, some social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram provide a pre-scheduling function and it is an excellent technique to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to reach out to your target audience. The greatest time to publish is right before a sporting event to get the most engagement. Pre-scheduling the pieces ensures a consistent flow of information for your audience to look forward to.

2. Learn from the Best

Lack of ideas? Following similar pages might help produce ideas to keep your page fresh if you need some inspiration to develop compelling material for social media or simply want to stay up to date with sports news. However,  it is also important that you have to make sure that your content complies with your selected platform’s advertising policy. Some pages are allowed to promote gambling advertisements as they have obtained the licenses and permissions from the social media platform — following their content pattern might not work for you if you do not have such permissions.

3. Utilize Hashtags, Stories & Videos  

Using hashtags is an excellent approach to reach your target audience and boost the exposure of your content. One thing to keep in mind is to include relevant hashtags for each of your postings. For example, when you make a post about the latest football game,  you may include some of the best sportsbook hashtags such as #sportsbook #sportsbetting #betting #fifa #football.

Keeping your social media account active with different features such as stories, reels, short videos, etc. is a must. As a sportsbook account, reposting any sports news, current games or highlights on these features is an effective approach to reach out to those who may have missed your earlier posts. Since each social media platform has a different set algorithm, it could be easy for your post to get hidden in users’ timelines. However, stories will constantly appear at the top of the app such as Instagram and Facebook, and can be easily discovered by the users; short video functions such as Instagram Reels could help you reach out to potential customers too! 

4. Interact with Your Community

To successfully run a social media platform, it is important to interact with your followers. This can be accomplished by posting engaging content that allows users to comment on your post. For example, in the caption, you may ask “who will win the game tonight?” “Comment your guess for a chance to win” is an appealing technique to engage your followers. Other methods include responding to comments, direct messages, and stories.

To further enhance your interactions with your followers, consider creating a community group via Facebook, Telegram, or any other social media channels that you think are suitable. In this community group, conversations may flow freely and you may consider sharing some thought-provoking conversation starters to help get the chats flowing. It is also recommended that your posts end with a clear CTA (Call To Action) to encourage your members to take the next step, such as “register now”, “deposit now to enjoy a 10% discount”, etc.

Final Thoughts 

Social media platforms are undeniably a great marketing channel for any iGaming business. Implement the right social media strategies for your sportsbook brand and you will eventually notice the business growth. To further enhance your sportsbook platform, please visit GamingSoft Global – iGaming White Label Solution and GamingSoft Connect – Casino Game Integration Solution as we can provide you with the right tools, products, and services to ace your online sportsbook business!

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