Kick up your email & mobile marketing a notch!

Email marketing is still a relevant and important way with which to perform your online sportsbook marketing campaign strategy. Most people still check their email address at least once a day — you’ll likely be amazed at how effective sending them the occasional promotional email is.

Sending past and present customers regular updates about your new game releases, tournaments, giveaways, and bonuses will keep you within the grasp of their awareness, even if they aren’t actually opening your emails. 

Just take steps not to overdo your email marketing and your messaging, otherwise you may put them off.

Keep your audience updated

Additionally, you might want to consider sending out informative newsletters to your target audience in order to minimize the volume of emails you send out to them.

And by informative, we also mean news on upcoming events like the fact that certain leagues are restarting after the COVID19 lockdown. Even without talking about odds, you can incept the idea of betting into your customers.

Harness mobile marketing too!

mobile marketing for online casino & sportsbook - GamingSoft News

Another often overlooked yet surprisingly effective strategy is to boost your mobile marketing as well. The vast majority of younger players place bets and play via their smartphones while being mobile. Integrating your online and mobile media assets can greatly improve responses to them, and increase the chances of your target audience playing at your online sportsbook or casino.

Email and mobile marketing are still relevant in 2021, and rightfully so – integrating both to send information about the latest updates can prove to be crucial to your success as an online sportsbook or online casino company.

Kick up your email & mobile marketing a notch!