Use a Dot-Net URL to Promote Your Casino!

It’s no secret that the great majority of traditional media companies won’t touch gambling sites with a 10-foot pole due to its apparent connotations.

However, as is customary for online sportsbooks and casino sites, there is a solution that exists so that you can market to traditional media. That’s by creating a mirror, “free” gambling site using a dot-net as opposed to a dot-com domain.

The underlying idea for this is that the typical consumer doesn’t type “dot-net” when they access, for instance, an online sportsbook. Rather, they will type “dot-com”, which will lead them to the pay-to-play sportsbook site.

Better access to advertising options

A freeplay site can lead to conversions into real money play! - GamingSoft News

Having a dot-net, free play site allows online sportsbook operators to advertise their brand on traditional media channels like TV and magazines without using their dot-com site.

Just make sure that you don’t have any advertisements for the dot-com site on the dot-net site because there will be some advertisers that will balk at the idea of finding links to it on the dot-net site.

Another way to utilize this strategy is to run advertising to the dot-net site, without making mention of the actual URL. 

With this, you can expect to skirt the fine line in getting that much-needed advertising boost in the hyper-competitive online gambling industry.

Use a Dot-Net URL to Promote Your Casino!