How AI can be used in casino industry

You’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence, but can it really be used in the casino business? After all, doesn’t the casino already have a house edge?

However, even before the pandemic, major casinos which cost millions of dollars to operate were experiencing stiff competition. Now that the pandemic has happened, and casinos throughout the world are facing fiscal challenges, many casino operators are looking to Artificial Intelligence to ensure that their casino remains profitable.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that uses computers to accomplish tasks that would normally require human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is used in manufacturing robots, creating smart chat boxes for websites, and operating as a virtual travel assistant, among many other things.

How are casinos using AI?

One thing is for sure — gambling games will remain the same. Blackjack will still be blackjack. However, AI will become indispensable when it comes to player retention efforts.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to deal with a database of players and figure out hidden details in player behavior: their preferred method of gambling, the amount of money they spend on various games, how much time they spend in casino gambling, and many other nuances that may be hidden to the human eye.

Using AI tools such as predictive analysis, the casino’s marketing department is more armed than ever before. The goal is to be able to analyze and determine the most valuable players to the casino. 

Security and AI

AI will greatly enhance security in igaming - GamingSoft News

Security is also greatly enhanced using Artificial Intelligence. Cybersecurity is an extremely tedious and detail-oriented craft. As systems become more and more complicated, cybersecurity staff face constant information overload, with increasingly numerous vectors to analyze and monitor.

AI will greatly help in lightening the burden of grunt work of monitoring activity — intelligently learning to discern between normal activity and potentially malicious activity, and alerting a real human when something does not look right.


Artificial Intelligence is going to be a big part of everyone’s lives, and casinos are no exception. With its multitude of benefits to not only the casino operator, but also in helping to cater to player tastes and needs, everyone is a winner in this situation.

How AI can be used in casino industry