Stop player churn & improve retention!

Being able to predict churn rate not only minimizes the outflow of players but also significantly increases their time spent at your casino website. In this article, we will look at how to calculate customer churn rate in your online casino, as well as analyze methods to retain reactivated players and explore marketing strategies to drive business and attract additional customers into your online casino.

What is Churn Rate?

Churn rate refers to the percentage of players that stop playing and leave your online casino. Players usually quit playing at an online casino when they are no longer interested in the products offered by the company. Therefore, your goal is to increase the level of interest by engaging the audience with outstanding gaming content and services.

What causes players to churn?

Low engagement and activity level

If players contact your customer support service less, visit the casino less often, and spend less time on your platform — it is an alarm for you that your players are likely to leave you soon.

Poor customer service

Your online casino must provide players with 24/7 support. Otherwise, negative feedback can result in the loss of players.


Online gambling is one of the most revenue-generating segments of the entertainment business. Each casino operator does their best to offer something new and unique that rival companies do not have. In order to avoid a high player churn rate, it is necessary to constantly be on your toes and provide a better experience than your competitors.

How do you prevent Player Churn?

Find the reason

In order to prevent the loss of players, discover the primary causes in advance. Surveys and communication with your players help you clarify what is missing on your online casino website, as well as what can be changed or improved.

Have a huge library of games

Offer a wide range of casino products to keep your players happy - GamingSoft News

Any casino operator should have a wide range of games from well-known software developers. Furthermore, you should constantly work on expanding and updating it. This retention strategy helps to reduce the churn rate.

Be special

You should come up with unique features for your gambling website that will make you stand out from other gambling platforms.

Be proactive

Here, you will have to learn to look into the future. In other words, you have to predict possible issues your players will come to you with. Give answers to your customers’ questions before they ask them. Communicate with your players, announce the latest updates, features, innovations, and products — any interaction will increase your brand awareness.


There are many types of marketing tools that help return the churned players back to your site: retargeting, email newsletters, content marketing, new products and solutions, gambling content extension, commenting, promotions, and tournaments.

Make an effort and reestablish old player accounts. To do this, the right solution would be sending a reactivation message to determine the ongoing status of the player. If the player responds to the message, there is still a chance to bring them back to your site.

Stop player churn & improve retention!