How to improve your online casino’s UX

User Experience (UX) is about putting your users first and making their experience easier and smoother — particularly for online casinos where there’s a lot of content that can confuse or distract users from their main objective — to play a game. It’s about finding the most effective way of directing users, whether it’s registration, a certain game, placing a bet, or making a deposit.

UX in gaming should tie in with what players want or how they want to engage with the operator while still addressing the brand’s business objectives to maintain profit and customer retention. UX can help your brand stand out from the competition, particularly when most casino websites tend to look so similar. However, it goes beyond the visuals and games and can determine and enhance the entire user journey.

Keep it simple

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One of the first strategies to be implemented is to declutter the home or landing page. With the focus on recruiting new players, the design for online gambling websites may become cluttered with promotions, bonuses, and showcasing the games available to play on the site. What players want — especially existing ones — is simplicity. They want to be able to navigate from the landing page to the games they want to play with minimal fuss.

Listen to feedback

With the players being the ones that an operator is trying to please, listening to their feedback has become vital in improving the UX and your online casino’s website design. By engaging with players and finding out what they like and what they dislike in terms of the design, layout and navigation, you may discover tweaks that you can make to ensure a better overall experience. An online casino could go as far as allowing users to be involved in testing stages for them, so they can really hit the ground running.

Consider mobile users too

The above applies more so to online casino websites accessed from a desktop, but they do also apply to mobile casino apps too. Mobile use is increasing and quickly becoming the preferred way to enjoy online casino gaming. If people are gaming on the go, they’ll likely have less time to spend navigating through menus to find what they’re looking for. This is where simplicity and a clutter-free landing page is essential.

Make sure help is easily accessible

As offers and games take up the most real estate in a casino lobby, other key functionalities, such as help, search, game rules, contact details, and in some cases, even access to the account are secondary. This can often create obstacles for users to quickly and easily find the right information or get in touch with the operator. If customers struggle to locate them, it may prompt them to seek alternatives from the competition. These functions need to be displayed in the menu as clearly as possible. For example, offering Live Chat at the bottom of the window or accessing the account from the top menu.

Simplifying the process

With the tips above, we are merely scratching the surface when it comes to improving the UX of an online gambling site. A speedy way for an operator to quickly make sure they’re up to the latest standards when it comes to ensuring great UX is to use a white label solution. With GamingSoft Global iGaming White Label Solution, you tap into the combined experience of hundreds of seasoned veterans in the online gaming industry with more than a decade’s experience. This ensures that you are taking on the best practices of the industry with the most reliable partners handling the technical aspects as well as the website design of your casino — so that you can focus on the areas of business that need your attention.

How to improve your online casino’s UX