4 Tips to Power-up Working from Home!

The world is slowly normalising the work from home paradigm, but working remotely is a double-edged sword. You gain the benefits of being comfortable in your own space, and also eliminating your commute — but this can make focusing and getting your work done more challenging. You are surrounded by distractions, and the isolation can quickly become stressful for those who enjoy the social aspect of going into the office.

The challenge of working from home may not be as simple or as easy as we thought, and in today’s article we share some insights to help you answer the question “How can I work at home effectively?” — top productivity tips for adjusting to, and successfully working from home.

Stick to a routine

Follow a Schedule to Improve your Work Productivity at Home - GamingSoft News

Humans are creatures of habit. Try to set up and stick to a routine for your work days. Having a predictable pattern of activities throughout your day makes it easier to switch into “work mode” and get your tasks done, rather than trying to constantly decide if it is time to work.

Set up your workspace

Your environment plays a big part in your productivity. Set up a designated “work zone” at home. Try to have a workspace that is well-lit with comfortable temperature and furniture, at a place that is away from the distractions of home. It is important to use your workspace only for work — the exclusive location makes it easier to mentally associate that specific space as a place of work.

Try dressing up

Dress up to Psych up and Start to Work - GamingSoft News

One of the perks of working from home is definitely the fact that you can do your work without changing out of your pajamas. However, it is worth making the conscious effort to get changed right before your workday. Getting dressed before work serves as an effective psychological switch — telling your brain that it is now time to work.

Remember to take breaks

While at home, it may also be tempting to go down the rabbit hole and work without taking any breaks. It is important not to burn yourself out. Time management is key when trying to stay at peak productivity — take some time every hour or two of work to get up from your seat and stretch. Maybe even go outside for some fresh air and take a short walk. Don’t just sit there and watch YouTube during your breaks — a little physical activity can pay off great dividends in not just your productivity, but also in your overall health.

Take time for yourself

Now that office hours are no longer clear, it is also important to set some boundaries between rest and work hours. Know when it is time to disconnect from the world and distance yourself from email, social media, and any kind of news. They will still be there tomorrow. Take some time for yourself, away from the noise of the internet — your mental health will thank you for the break from the constant information overload.

Key takeaways

These remote working tips may seem simple on paper, but it’s the small things that play key roles in achieving improved productivity while also taking care of your mental and physical health as we adjust and adapt to this time of working from home.

4 Tips to Power-up Working from Home!