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The power of outsourcing marketing in iGaming

iGaming is a massive industry in many parts of the world, and its popularity is constantly increasing — especially in this time when a huge majority of the world is forced into working from home. There are numerous avenues to advertise online, but affiliate marketing is still one of the most effective methods of drawing traffic.

In this article, we will be exploring affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry, and the many benefits they bring to an online casino or sportsbook.

How do affiliates work?

Affiliates work closely with online casinos and sportsbooks to promote their online gambling products. These affiliates act as the middlemen — connecting gamblers with the gambling websites that would meet their needs. These affiliates are paid a commission for every player that visits, signs up or makes a deposit on the gambling platform — the details of commissions are up to negotiation between the affiliate and the website that they are promoting.

Why is affiliate marketing effective?

Why is affiliate marketing effective?

Affiliate marketing has proven to be effective in iGaming as well as many other industries due to certain advantages:

Result-based Commissions

Affiliate marketing programs pay out based on the results of the affiliates, instead of being an upfront investment without any guarantees on the result. With its sharp focus on performance and results, affiliate marketing ensures the online casino or sportsbook a reasonably high return on investment (ROI).

The commissions paid to the affiliate may seem higher than that in a traditional advertising campaign, but the amount of relevant traffic acquired and converted is certainly many times higher. A win-win situation for both the affiliate and the casino.

Better Tracking

As long as you are using a good affiliate marketing system (like the one available on GamingSoft Global), you are able to easily track and monitor affiliate performance. The numbers will be integral for analysing the effectiveness of your affiliate program, making it easy for you to track the amount of resources that has been invested into the program, as well as its earnings — giving you the full picture of your return on investment.

Improved Online Presence

Good affiliates improve your online presence

Good affiliates have already put in the work into cultivating a trustworthy website that is credible to its audience and have a good ranking on search engines. You will be essentially leveraging their good reputation to add to the credibility of your own online casino or sportsbook platform. This helps enhance the brand of your own site.

Furthermore, you will be working with many affiliates at the same time to promote your website. By leveraging a vast network of affiliates each running their own marketing for your website, you are essentially outsourcing a great amount of work while still reaping the rewards.

Bringing it all together

Setting up your own affiliate program for your online gambling platform can be a bit of a challenge and will definitely take a bit of work, but the payoff of having a successful and effective affiliate program is definitely worth it! Once the pieces are in place, it requires minimal future input and continues to pay dividends long into the future.

GamingSoft Global and GamingSoft Connect both feature an affiliate management and tracking system built into the platform, allowing our clients to instantly set up and run an affiliate program without the technical challenge! All you have to do is prepare your own marketing assets and you’re set to start recruiting your affiliates! Click here to find out how GamingSoft can help your business grow!

The power of outsourcing marketing in iGaming

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