Key KPIs for Online Casino

Any marketing process needs clear metrics to track results. In the online casino world, KPIs are related to two well-understood values: revenue and players.

Revenue-related KPIs for Online Casino

  • GGR, Gross Gaming Revenue
    • GGR is the most basic KPI, with a simple formula: total bets minus total wins. It shows the amount money accumulated at the casino as result of players’ betting activity. 
    • As winnings are randomly generated, therefore the actual GGR results may deviate from the “theoretical” average return to play – cause it’s all about luck.
  • NGR, Net Gaming Revenue
    • NGR provides a great way to evaluate the success of a campaign or igaming platform. It shows how much the casino really earns after deducting fees from gross revenue. 
    • Fees may include: bonuses, payment system or partner commissions, royalties for game content providers, etc.
  • ARPU, Average Revenue Per User
    • ARPU shows how much the average player usually brings to the casino each month. To calculate ARPU, you can simply divide all casino revenue by the number of active players in the same month.

Player-related KPIs for Online Casino

  • CPA, Cost Per Acquisition
    • CPA reflects the amount required to get a player to sign up and deposit. 
    • For example, you spend $10,000 on a marketing campaign that generates 100 First Time Depositors (FTDs), the CPA to be $100.
  • Conversion Rate
    • Visits to Registration: Percentage of website visitors who sign up as players. A low conversion rate may cause by poor website or interaction design.
    • Registration to Deposit: Percentage of all registered players making their first real money deposit. You should aware if you are giving away too much free spins or bonuses for signing up before they actually make a deposit.
  • LTV, Customer Lifetime Value
    • LTV is the cornerstone of all online casino marketing efforts. It represents the overall revenue a player brings to the casino during their stay on a gambling site. 
    • You can calculate it  by multiply the monthly ARPU by the average player lifetime in months.
  • CR, Churn Rate
    • CR represents the ratio of players who stopped playing at the casino to active players during a specified period. 
    • Lowering CR is a positive indicator of a well-performing player retention strategy.

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