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Enhance Your Online Casino with GamingSoft’s WOW Gaming and AI Live Casino Studios

GamingSoft, a leading provider of online casino solutions, is proud to introduce its in-house game studios, WOW Gaming and AI Live Casino. These innovative studios are set to revolutionize the iGaming landscape by offering unmatched gaming experiences that are tailored to captivate players and boost revenue for iGaming operators on a global scale. With a commitment to excellence and technological advancement, GamingSoft continues to solidify its position as a leader in the online gaming industry, providing operators with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

WOW Gaming: Way of the World

WOW Gaming stands out with its commitment to excellence and innovation in the gaming industry. With an ambitious target of launching over 40 new game titles annually, WOW Gaming ensures a fresh and engaging experience for players. The visually stunning 2D lobby, coupled with the bonus buying feature, creates an immersive and rewarding gaming environment.

What you can expect from WOW Gaming:

  1. Launch of 40+ game titles annually
  2. Visually stunning 2D lobby
  3. Bonus buying feature
  4. Incorporation of Asian elements
  5. Support for major Asian languages
  6. Multi-currency with crypto support

WOW Gaming’s focus on incorporating Asian elements and supporting multiple major Asian languages makes it a preferred choice for operators targeting the Asian market. The multi-currency and crypto support further enhance its appeal in the global iGaming landscape.

AI Live Casino: The Future of iGaming

AI Live Casino is at the forefront of technological advancement in the iGaming industry. With 5 AI-powered game titles and 4 unique types of gaming rooms, AI Live Casino brings innovation and excitement to the gaming experience. The HASH algorithm ensures fair gaming, while the unlimited seating feature allows for 24/7 real-time gameplay fun.

What you shouldn’t miss with AI Live Casino:

  1. 5 AI-powered game titles 
  2. 4 different types of gaming rooms 
  3. HASH algorithm for fair gaming
  4. Unlimited seating for 24/7 real-time gameplay fun
  5. Exclusive, fully customizable AI dealers tailored for VIPs
  6. In-game chat
  7. Gameplay roadmap checker
  8. One-click bet adjustments
  9. Support for multiple currencies
  10. Smart digital wallet

AI Live Casino’s exclusive, fully customizable AI dealers provide a unique, personalized experience for VIP players, enhancing player engagement and loyalty. The smart digital wallet and support for multiple currencies further streamline the gaming process, making it more convenient for players and operators alike.

Other Game Studios: SlotsMaker, UU Slots, Live22, EpicWin and More

In addition to WOW Gaming and AI Live Casino, GamingSoft also collaborates with renowned game studios such as SlotsMaker, UU Slots, Live 22, EpicWin, and more. These partnerships expand GamingSoft’s portfolio, offering operators a diverse range of high-quality game titles that cater to different player preferences and market demands.

SlotsMaker empowers clients with iGaming solutions and expert branding strategies, certified by Gaming Labs, to achieve unparalleled success in the online gaming industry.

UU Slots is known for its engaging slot games that captivate players with exciting themes and rewarding features.

Live22 positions itself as an explosive contender in the competitive online gambling market, offering win-win solutions with professional technology and a veteran team.

EpicWin delivers a thrilling gaming experience with a variety of innovative game mechanics and stunning visuals.

Join the GamingSoft Family

With over 15 years of experience, GamingSoft has earned a reputation for delivering innovative and reliable solutions that help clients succeed in the competitive iGaming industry. By signing up for GamingSoft’s comprehensive package, operators can access a wide range of cutting-edge products and services designed to enhance player experience and boost their business growth.

Customized Solutions: GamingSoft excels at curating the best combinations for specific businesses, considering factors like budget, target market, and prevailing game trends.

Market Mastery: With global expertise, GamingSoft ensures tailored solutions for navigating the evolving iGaming landscape, empowering entrepreneurs to craft budget-friendly, market-specific gaming portfolios.

Unified Integration: Simplifying processes, GamingSoft’s hub provides seamless access to multiple providers through a single contract, enhancing operational efficiency for operators.

Swift Integration: Prioritizing speed, GamingSoft’s API ensures prompt online casino launches, contributing to a delightful player experience.

For more information and to explore partnership opportunities, visit or contact our sales team at [email protected].

About GamingSoft

GamingSoft is a leading provider of online casino solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including a white-label solution, turnkey solution, API integration, payment solutions, game development, and more, to iGaming operators worldwide. With over 15 years of experience, GamingSoft has earned a reputation for delivering innovative and reliable solutions, helping clients succeed in the competitive iGaming industry.

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